jeffk — Leipzig, Germany

Transposing drone concepts over riff-rock, jeffk builds sonic landscapes which utilize repetition as a tool to both crush listeners and inspire cathartic physical release. The band takes the necessary time to construct their rhythmic patterns, but each track always feels like it is moving forward toward compelling ends.

Intrumental // Leipzig, Germany

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2022_Jeffk_1 (Grand)
2022_Jeffk_2 (Grand)
2022_Jeffk_3 (Grand)
jeffk_01 (Grand)
jeffk_02 (Grand)
jeffk_02 2 (Grand)
jeffk_03 (Grand)
jeffk_03 2 (Grand)
jeffk_04 (Grand)
jeffk_04 2 (Grand)
jeffk_10 (Grand)
jeffk_PR_02_var1 (Grand)
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